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Private transports2023-02-24T19:37:21+00:00

We arrange transports by our ambulances

We arrange transports by our ambulances

Patient transports, transport of the immobile or transport of sick persons from abroad. We know how to do it.

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We provide transports by our ambulances

Ambulance transports and comprehensive management together with assistance for the client are regularly provided by ambulance crews (2-person crew of paramedics with a university degree in emergency medical care) with reliable and modern monitoring devices or equipment for sudden deterioration of a person’s health condition. We provide safe and comfortable ambulance transports to and from medical facilities or to home environments with a medical transport service for all of our self-pay clients.


Transportation of self-pay patients to or from health care facilities at their own request.


Ensuring the management of the transport of disabled or sick self-payers to their home environment.


Providing transport and medical supervision for citizens who have received medical care abroad.

The procedure for ordering private transport.

How to proceed when ordering private transport?

Contact us2023-02-24T19:43:30+00:00

● via the contact form or by email to transporty@eventmedical.sk
● call us on +421 907 901 501

Price of transport2023-02-24T19:45:51+00:00

● after assessing your request, we will calculate all the costs associated with the
transport and agree on the method of payment
● payment will be made in cash on delivery or by transfer to our company’s account on
the basis of an invoice

Agree on transport details2023-02-24T19:46:49+00:00

● arrange with the coordinator
● date of transport
● transport time
● place of ambulance pick-up
● the destination of the transport

When is the latest time to request transport?2023-02-24T19:48:07+00:00

● the request must be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled transport date

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