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Security of events

Our experienced team has been providing expert medical services during cultural, sporting or corporate events for more than 4 years. Our team consists of experienced paramedics, doctors and nurses. We provide these services throughout the country. Whether it is a small corporate event or a large festival, we are here for you.


We can help you with any tournament, race or training camp wherever you need it.


Rely on our medical team during festivals, exhibitions or concerts.


We protect the health of your clients and colleagues during teambuilding or corporate congress anywhere in Slovakia.

Frequently asked questions.

When organising events, it is very important to think about the safety and health of participants and visitors. We are professionals in the field of health protection at events and we will be happy to help you.

What benefits do you offer?2023-02-21T21:25:06+00:00

The following will be provided for your event:

  • professional staffing through both paramedics and doctors,
  • individual adjustment of the level of security according to the nature of the event and your requirements,
  • own and modern special medical and firefighting equipment,
  • availability of the entire crew until the event is completely finished (no problems with extending the duration),
  • a proposal for a Security Strategy for individual events,
  • a reserve source of energy, drinking water and a reserve radio-communication means in case of an emergency,
  • coordination with the Slovak Rescue Service Operations Centre
  • notification obligation to the nearest medical facility,
  • if necessary, rapid PCR/antigen nasal/saliva testing with on-site evaluation and electronic notification of the test result.
What is the procedure for ordering medical assistance for an event?2023-02-21T21:23:39+00:00

Send us your request via the contact form or by email. You will be contacted within a short while by our colleagues who will prepare individual documents according to the nature of your event and your requirements. You will receive comprehensive information in written form, including a quotation. After receiving and reviewing it, we will need written confirmation of the proposed terms and conditions from you or you can update your assignment to best suit your needs and capabilities.

Who makes up the medical team? .. We have ordered medical help, who will come to our event?2023-02-21T21:22:50+00:00

Paramedics are university-educated health professionals with the professional competence to practice their profession. Paramedics independently provide pre-hospital medical care to a person with a sudden deterioration in health within the scope of their acquired education. Paramedics are members of all types of our crews and form the backbone of our healthcare team. Our crews also include other healthcare professionals in functional roles – a doctor, a specialist nurse and a general nurse. Ambulance drivers are an equally important part of our crews and are regularly trained in the provision of pre-medical first aid. Every driver of a vehicle with priority driving privileges must also hold a certificate of mental fitness to practice.

What is the role of paramedics at the event?2023-02-21T21:22:04+00:00

During all events, rescue crews primarily carry out pre-vetting activities aimed at preventing the occurrence of injuries or other sudden conditions. They remain in the area throughout the event and in the event of health problems or sudden injuries, they make a call to locate the affected person and their subsequent professional treatment. In case it is necessary to provide the person with subsequent medical care in a medical facility, our crews will ensure that the Emergency Medical Service Operations Centre is notified and another crew will arrive at the scene of the event in a short time to take the injured person into their care. You will receive a clear report of the number of interventions and examinations during your event in electronic form after the event.

Which organisers are obliged to provide medical assistance at the event?2023-02-21T21:20:52+00:00

Statutory regulations apply to medical assistance at events. When organising events with up to 4,000 participants, at least 1 medical assistance point must be set up with a health worker (Art.20(5) of Act No.1/2014 Coll. on the organisation of public sporting events in force since 1.2.2014). When organising an event with an expected attendance of 4,000 spectators or more, at least 2 medical aid posts with a medical officer must be established.

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