We care about the health of your employees.

We care about the health of your employees.

Do you need preventive healthcare in your company? We will provide it.

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Corporate Health

Do you need to ensure regular monitoring of your employees‘ health? We take care of basic tasks such as blood collection, vaccinations, measurement and evaluation of basic vital signs including blood pressure and cholesterol. You save time and money by moving to medical facilities, while providing your employees with the comfort of a familiar environment.


Knowledge of first aid saves lives. We provide accredited first aid courses of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic for applicants for a driving license, as well as for companies or self-payers. Just contact us and we will be happy to make you a tailor-made offer.


It is a legal obligation to provide first aid training to employees. Our courses are not only professional, but also experiential and interactive. In addition to knowledge, they are also a great team-building activity.


We will provide health monitoring or preventive care for the health of your employees. Our team will take care of all tasks in your premises in a professional and discreet manner. You will provide your employees with comfort and added value to their daily routine.


Health and preventive care is not just a winged „work-life balance“. It can also be the basis for a great team-building activity. We have implemented many of them and we will be happy to help you set up and run a suitable programme for your employees. Just give us a call.